My passion for breeding the combination Angus cow extends beyond a single mating scenario, it involves combining the strengths of known cow families back and forth on each other perfecting each individual and creating a balance.

A commercial cattle producer at heart is what I am. When visitors come to the ranch some are always surprised to see that my commercial cows outnumber my registered Angus. I tell them that they are all commercial cows; some of them just have papers. They are all managed the same and only individuals that have proven themselves and risen out of the herd are merchandised as papered cattle. I breed with my own ideals and merits in mind, not someone else’s. I’m not trendy, I am a breeder of cattle; I’m not in the business to populate.

A friend of mine that I respect greatly inspired me with a quote from Confucius, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” My desire to breed cattle is this simple. I challenge any producer who wants a foundation group of cows to lead them into the uncertain future of the cattle business to stop by.

“The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone will likely find himself in places no one has ever been.” Alan Ashley Pitt. Have you ever bought a bull or cow from a breeder and never seen the set of cows that made them? Have you ever AI’d to a bull and three years later wondered why?

I breed for the means not the extremes. Those predictable traits that have made and kept people in the cattle business. I was made aware of something the other day, I may never live long enough to reap the results of the unconventional decisions that I am making today. Maybe my children will. That is why I do what I do, to leave them ranching tradition that they will fight to keep, not to divide and conquer. After all, why all the blood sweat and tears?

I was once told that you can’t sell each and every bull or female you raise; they have to be able to sell themselves. This was in reaction to a question of a change in their breeding philosophy. Meaning that by breeding to bulls that were popular his job became easier. I wonder when those cattle don’t live up to expectations who pays? I got tired of paying. I decided to develop a program that you can’t get anywhere else than here. The ADVANCE program. I believe that if I can’t sell the ADVANCE program, I’m in the wrong business, and definitely don’t need to be in yours.

Uniformity within any breeding program is what pays dividends. Those few 700+ pound calves that everyone likes to brag about are nice and those few 400- pound calves that no one likes to talk about aren’t, but the groups of 550-600 pound calves in the middle are the ones that every producer lives on. This is what the ADVANCE program is bred to do. Line-breeding levels the curve, gives you the advantage of breeding to a bull that has been genetically stacked with the “like kind to like kind” philosophy for a not just one mating but for generations. How much is too much? Too much of a good thing is not in my vocabulary.

As a commercial cattleman I am in the constant pursuit of perfecting the female. Are you?