Behind every good male stands a female. We believe that a bulls worth isn’t necessarily in the numbers that he generates on a piece of paper. Just as though a mans worth isn’t in the amount of money he makes, the car he drives or the house he lives in. Don’t get us wrong, a bulls ability to add to the financial bottom line is what makes this ranch, but what are really important is the females that he leaves behind.

Several years ago we got together with a friend in order to get his feedback on developing a “branding” idea that went beyond dry ice and methanol.

The idea was developed out of this ranches need to find something that has become difficult to find in the Angus breed. The opportunity to develop what was termed “a breed within a breed". After much thought and consideration the name ADVANCE was chosen. ADVANCE by definition means to aid in the growth of; to further; to make progress; improve. All cattle branded with the ranch are also branded with the ADVANCE name on their paperwork. It takes every animal to the same base point. The only defining factor of individuality is their individual herd ID. These are the numbers that are essential to assigning reputation. Uniformity in all facets is what the ADVANCE program sets forth as its primary goal. All phases of the industry are demanding it.

QAS Traveler 23-4 is nationally accepted by commercial and registered breeders alike, his contribution to this ranch began in the late eighties, when siring a set of females that were unequalled in quality, type and production. With these females in hand, the quest began to build a linebreeding framework of what now is the ADVANCE program. As you study what is being put together here at Pelton Ranch, you will notice that not only does the line start with Traveler, it also ties maternally through the contribution of the females. The ADVANCE legacy is built on what came before them . . . their contribution to the future of the Angus breed is just beginning.